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Yes … I’m Double Vaxxed

I’m not wanting to step on the toes of those that choose to not be vaccinated. It’s their choice and I respect their decision. However, I was an early adopter of the COVID-19 vaccination and have been double vaccinated. This means that (according to recent developments in Queensland), I can still be a wedding celebrant for weddings without jeopardising my clients ability to have the number of guests they want to attend.

Agree, or disagree with the decision, but the Queensland government has given a ruling that says that from the 17th of December, weddings with any persons that have not been double vaccinated will be limited to 20 people (including the celebrant, photographer and any other staff). This means that it would have to be a very small gathering without breaking the law.

Following this ruling, the wedding industry and couples being married have been thrown into a whirlwind of panic and scrambling to find vaccinated suppliers to replace those that could no longer guarantee their availability due to legal implications.

We are, together facing a very challenging time. Just know that I am here and ready for you to provide my professional celebrant services for your wedding day and will not jeopardise your ability to have the full wedding attendance you have dreamt of.


Nik Reeds
Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant

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Nik Reeds - Civil Marriage Celebrant
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