Nik Reeds - Civil Marriage Celebrant


Below is a list of questions I often get asked by couples. It’s quite comprehensive, as there is lots to cover.

FAQs - Marriage Celebrant


Disscus about your day, dates and other stuff.

That’s completely up to you both! As long as you are both happy to have me as your celebrant, you can book me right there in our meeting if you like. I do suggest not taking too long to make your decision – particularly if it is a popular date – as I would hate to say I’m no longer available if you had your heart set on me.

I love to catch up at coffee spots – because who doesn’t enjoy a cuppa and a chat? Let me know your favourite spot, or I can let you know where I’ll be and we’ll make it a date! SEQLD – Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba are all places I travel frequently. If you are outside these areas, then let’s organise a video catch up.

We will have 2 planning meetings to go through everything that I need to create a unique ceremony for you, but outside of those, we can chat as much – or as little – as you would like.

Absolutely not! I know that I might not be the right fit for everyone and that’s ok. You need to connect with your celebrant so that you are comfortable on your day. If we meet and you don’t feel happy with me being a part of your special day, I am happy to suggest other celebrants to you.

I would recommend a rehearsal prior to your wedding day, just to get any jitters you have out of your system. I’ve found that couples have not attended many weddings (if any!) and are not certain how/where to stand. A rehearsal clears up any worries that you both might have about this. It’s a chance for your bridal party to potentially join you too, but if not, it’s ok with just the two fo you as well.

As little or as much as you want. There are a few things that legally I have to say in order to make your marriage seen as legal, other than that we can work on making my part in what you want me to say as little or as much as you want.

With you. That’s how I like to create your ceremony. It should be a reflection of you and your unique personalities. I learn about the both of you from our meetings and can then come up with some ideas which I can then share with you.

Of course! Vows are a personal part of your day, words that come from your heart and express exactly how you feel about your partner. You are more than welcome to write your own vows if you wish. If you aren’t confident in your ability to express yourself, I am happy to help you write them. Or I can provide you with some samples and you can choose from there.


Typically no. Not unless there are a very comfortable amount of hours apart between them. If I have a wedding in the afternoon, I might accept one in the morning, but never two in the same afternoon. It’s just not worth the stress or risk of getting stuck in traffic rushing from one ceremony to the next.

I arrive approximately an hour prior to your ceremony start time. This provides plenty of time for me to set up my equipment before checking in with you both. I will have music playing whilst I help greet your guests, settle any last-minute nerves you might have before starting your ceremony.

I bring with me all the required paperwork we need to get completed on the day, a speaker system and microphone, table and chairs for signing (unless provided by the venue) and a positive and fun attitude!

Pants. I will definitely wear pants … at the very least. But usually I like to dress up in a suit if you are having a formal wedding, or at least smart casual if you are having a laid back type of ceremony.

Yes, I can definitely organise your music and play it for you. Not only that, as someone that has worked as a professional wedding entertainer for many years, I can even help you select great songs for your ceremony if you need.

Yes, I use a wireless microphone to ensure that all your guests can hear what I am saying clearly.

Yes, although you really don’t need to worry about it. I will be holding the microphone for you, and all you need to do is look into each other’s eyes and speak to each other.

I am happy to be outside and have all the equipment to go ahead even if power is not available. The only downside of course is if it is raining. Obviously, in the event of wet weather, I recommend you having a back up plan as I can’t use electrical equipment in the rain. (Besides, I don’t think your guests would want to stand in the rain either!).

Your ceremony can be as long and detailed as you want, or as short and sweet as you want. I can share your love story and share with your guests the story of how you met and fell in love to give them the backstory about how you come to be standing there on your wedding day, or we can cut straight to the chase and say the bare legal requirements or anything in between. You can choose to exchange rings, but not required. You can choose to add a range of extra little rituals if you wish. The main thing that you will do at your ceremony, is to marry the person you love. It’s powerful, to think you start the day as essential single people and finish that day as a married couple!

I don’t aim to make your wedding ceremony and commitment to each other a laughing matter. However, I DO keep it light hearted and fun. This is a line that I have seen some celebrants cross. This isn’t the time for jokes, but a time to truly appreciate what has brought you here and the love you have for each other as you become a married couple. Your reception is a completely different story … hire me as your MC and experience just how fun and funny I can be then!


You will need to fill in your Notice of Intent to Marry (often referred to as the NOIM) at least 30 calendar days prior to your wedding day. This form needs to be lodged with the Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages. On the day, you will need to fill in your marriage certificate as well as your decorative certificate. Yes, there are two. One is legal and not so pretty, the other is the one you keep which is much nicer to display.

You will need to show me (original or JP certified) verification of your identity along with the place and time of your birth. Either your birth certificate and form of photo ID, or passport will suffice for this. If you do not have these, please let me know and we can discuss alternative options.

You need to complete a Notice of Intention to Marry no less than one month before you can get married. Under very special circumstances, and only under the approval of the Attorney General Department, you can reduce this timeframe. For renewal of vows, couples who are already married overseas or commitment ceremonies there is no waiting period – you can have your ceremony as soon as you like.

These will differ depending on the type of ceremony you are after, the location of your ceremony, and whether you have chosen a weekday or weekend. Please chat to me so I can let you know the exact pricing for your requirements.

Yes, to secure my services for your ceremony, I require a signed contract and a 30% booking fee.

I understand that sometimes you just change your mind. That is why I give all clients a 48hr change of mind period, after which, the booking fee is non-refundable. If you change your mind within the 48hrs, I will gladly refund your booking fee payment and cancel your contract.

Postponements and cancellations can, unfortunately, be a part of organising a wedding. I fully understand that sometimes things happen beyond our control that impact on your day. In the unfortunate instance that you need to postpone your wedding date, then I will work with you to find a date that is suitable for the both of us so I can still help you say I Do. Postponements have a $25 admin fee applicable. If however, you decide to cancel your booking with me I provide 2 options: As long as I receive notice of cancelation more than 21 days in advance of the ceremony date, you will not be required to pay the balance of my fee. If you have already finalised your account, I can refund the amount above the booking fee paid. If I receive notification of cancellation less than 21 days in advance of the ceremony date, then no refund is applicable. The booking fee is strictly non-refundable.

Yes, I am more than happy to travel to your chosen wedding location. I am based in SE Qld on the Gold Coast, and but am happy to travel anywhere in the beautiful state of QLD. Obviously travel is restricted between states and overseas at the moment, but once restrictions ease and movement across the country is allowed, then I’ll drive, fly, power walk to where you want to say I DO!

Yes, I am a registered and authorised Celebrant by the Attorney General’s department.

I am only human. Whilst I try and look after myself and stay as well as possible, of course there is always a slim chance I could become unwell and unable to make your wedding. Should this happen, I have a network of super professional and awesome celebrants that I can call to step in to take my place.

Whilst I could involve some religious elements in your ceremony, I would not be the best choice for this as I am not a minister or affilated with any religion.

Contact Me

If you have another question that I have not answered above, feel free to contact me to ask it directly. I look forward to hearing from you.

FAQs - Master Of Ceremonies


Fortunately, the trend in Australia is starting to take the path of the US in the choice of having a professional be your MC instead of a family member or friend. Okay, so maybe I don’t know you … yet. That’s why, if you choose to have me as your MC, I will definitely know you by your wedding day. In fact, I would go so far as to say we will be friends! I have been the MC for hundreds of weddings and still stay in regular contact with many of the couples that have become friends over the years.

Though getting to know you. I love to catch up with couples that have me as their MC at least 3 times. Often the last meeting is catching up for a couple drinks and a dinner so that we can not only go though the final details, but really cement our relationship. Really knowing you shows a genuine warmth on the night. There is no better compliment for me than having one of your family members or friends come up to me at your wedding and say “You know the couple so well, remind me … how do you fit into the family again?”


I help you (working in with your venue) help you to craft the perfect timeline that will have everything running smoothly. I also help you to consider the best order of speeches for your family dynamics. I provide a free coaching for all your friends or family that are planning on making a speech to help them to feel comfortable. I also go though a heap of options we can put into your reception if you choose. We can make your reception as fun and over the top as you want or as formal as you wish too. I have a TON of ideas that bring a lot of fun to wedding couples and their guests (and no, it’s not just that tired old shoe game). Before the day, I will contact each and every other wedding vendor that I will be working with on the day to ensure we are on the same page and to check if they need anything from me. I will call your photographer, videographer, entertainer, venue, caterer (if not the venue) and your celebrant (unless you already chose me!). I also call your parents before the day to introduce myself and to get to know them a little. In fact, 60% of my work goes into all the work BEFORE your day even begins!


Well, if I am your celebrant I arrive about one hour prior to the ceremony. Now, if you didn’t opt for me to be your celebrant (and booked me as the MC only), I STILL arrive one hour prior to your ceremony! Why? Because, I feel the MC should be present at the ceremony to greet guests and help them if they need assistance knowing where to sit etc.

Sadly, a lot of people seem to think the MC is just the person that introduces the people making speeches. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the work an MC does goes unnoticed. They are the ones running around making sure all the vendors (your DJ, your photographer, your videographer, the caterers) are all ready to go before one of the key moments of the wedding happen. Too many times I have experienced a bad MC forget to check if the photographer is even in the room before announcing something like the bridal dance! Imagine how disappointed the couple were to find out after their wedding there were no photos of them sharing their first dance!


No! It’s actually more weird to ask one of your family members or friends to be the MC! If you are expecting someone that was supposed to be a guest at your wedding to be the MC, one of two things are going to happen … 1) They will NOT do their job correctly and instead enjoy their night as a guest and mix and mingle with friends and family, have a few drinks and have a good time. Thereby, letting the run sheet slip by and things not being done on time and important things missed. or 2) Do a great job, ensure everything runs on time, keep on their feet all night running around to make sure things are happening when they are supposed to happen and ultimately not really enjoy their night because you asked them to work all night! A good MC REALLY works HARD not only on the night but before the night. Just being comfortable on the microphone is a small part of the job. Other important aspects of being a good MC include understanding the correct flow wedding events, team management, time management and planning.

Well, only choose me if you feel a connection. That’s really important to me. If you don’t feel that I “get you”, I’m not the right choice. Sure, I won the 2020 #1 MC of the year award for the state of Queensland. I have place more than once in the Top 10 MCs in all of Australia, but … That means NOTHING if I didn’t have a connection to the couples that used my services. It’s only though a good connection that I can provide my best self.

It’s YOUR special day.
Let me make it PERFECT for you!