Nik Reeds - Civil Marriage Celebrant

About Me

What can I say about myself?

Okay, let’s get into a bit more about my background and who I am.

Who Are You?

I’m Nik Reeds, an Authorised Marriage Celebrant offering my services on the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Surrounds. I am a happily married father with two amazing kids that are my world. Myself and my beautiful wife, Natalie, were married in 2005 in Toowoomba, Queensland. We then relocated from Toowoomba to the Gold Coast to work full time in the wedding industry. That’s right, we’ve been involved in weddings since 2006 when we moved!

You Weren’t Always a Celebrant?

No, I have been a musician since my teenage years (you know, back before Google was a thing!). Entertaining people has always been my passion. Moving to the Gold Coast was our plan to have me working full time in the entertainment industry. This took some time to establish and eventually moved into wedding entertainment exclusively.

Are You Still An Entertainer?

Yes, myself and Natalie still own and operate NikNat Entertainment, so you will find me most weekends entertaining at weddings and loving it.

Why Did You Want To Become A Celebrant?

I have been to over 2000 weddings and have always watched the celebrant and been inspired by how amazing it must feel to be the person that joins two people together in marriage. Having seen so many other celebrants marry people, I thought to myself “I can do that and I WANT to do that!”

What Makes You Different?

There are a lot of personalities out there when it comes to choosing the right celebrant to suit YOUR style. Some are elegant and gentle, some are loud and full of energy, some are funny and others are quite serious.

I feel my style is different to most of the other celebrants out there. If you are looking for an energetic, lively and hilarious celebrant that’s not me.

I’m also not sombre and serious either!

See … I love having a laugh and getting people to laugh, but (to me anyway) that is best kept for my role (if you choose me for it) as the Master of Ceremonies for the reception. To me, the ceremony should be approached in a gentle and heartfelt way, but still lighthearted and fun. This is not the time to be cracking too many jokes, but rather a time to reflect on your lives thus far, how you met, how you fell in love and how you got to be standing there, in that moment. (This story will no doubt have a few laughs in there, without me trying to be a funny guy).

What Else Should We Know?

I am very passionate about being a Master of Ceremonies.

As Master of Ceremonies, I have cultivated my presentation and speaking skills to a very high standard though constant training with some of the best Master of Ceremonies in the world.

In 2020 I was awarded with the Master of Ceremonies award for best MC in the state of Queensland and have finished in the Top 10 of Australia on multiple occasions.

In 2021, I gained my acceptance as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant of Australia. This is exciting to me because for many years I have seen ceremonies happen and always thought I would love to have the gift of being that person to help create, and facilitate a beautiful moment in a couples lives when they are joined in marriage.

Anything Else?

Yes, probably more important than almost anything is my opinion on coriander.It should be banned. I really hate coriander.

I look forward to chatting with you about how I can help your day be everything you ever dreamed and more.