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Changing Your Name After The Wedding

Name Change After Marriage

After the big day, there is still a lot to do.

You got your official certificate of marriage on the day, that proves you are married, but it DOESN’T update your name legally. You still need to get a certificate from the department of Births, Deaths and Marriages for a certificate for this.

Then the REAL work begins.

Updating your name with ALL the places you have your previous name registered.

  • Driver’s license
  • Medicare
  • Credit Cards
  • Banks
  • Telephone companies
  • Electricity
  • Insurance
  • The ATO

….the list seems sometimes endless. But we are here to help you to change your name after the wedding.

Did You Know?

Most people find they have an average of 26 places to change their name and this can sometimes take years to do and dozens of forms. Trust me … you forget some … like the electoral role until you realise you never updated your name!

The good news is there is a company that does it all for you and all you need to do is fill in a form that takes you about 10 minutes and they do it all for you!

Sure, you can do it yourself for free … but how many days is that going to take you when you could get it done in 10 minutes? Let’s talk about changing your name after the wedding.

See how easy it is to do online here at Easy Name Change.

You’ll be pleased you decided to make it easy on yourself!

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