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The Music You Will Need

“Music is the soundtrack to our lives”, said American music TV show host Dick Clarke.

It’s true. Life without music would be pretty boring and that is definitely no exeception when it comes to your wedding day.

Music plays a critical and very crucial role in your wedding. The right music has a very powerful and emotional impact to enhance and empower those special and memorable parts of your day.

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You may have opted for a live musician for your ceremony, or maybe your celebrant is playing the music for you. Either way, the choice of songs is what matters the most.

The four songs you will need are …

– The processional (walking down the aisle)
– 2 songs for signing the paperwork
– The recessional song (walking back up the aisle)

Yes, 2 songs for signing the paperwork (even though many celebrants say only one is fine, it’s good to have a back up extra song in case your photographer wants to take a few more photos).

Your walking down the aisle song (the processional), should be meaningful and powerful for the both of you. It should reflect your love and have special meaning. Typically this is a “love” type of song.

The two songs for signing of the registry can be a little more “upbeat” if you wish as, by this stage, you have already been pronounced as married, you are just completing the paperwork now.

The final song for walking back down the aisle (the recessional), should be a banger! Something that is super cheerful, super upbeat and has everybody feeling like standing up and cheering.

If you need any help choosing songs, let me know. I have won the ABIA award for best ceremony sound due to the attention to detail and care I take in crafting, and appreciating the difference good sound and the right (at the right volume) makes to a ceremony.


Nik Reeds
Civil Marriage Celebrant

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Nik Reeds - Civil Marriage Celebrant
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