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Why You Need a Master of Ceremonies On Your Wedding

Why do you need a Master of Ceremonies for your wedding reception?
Why shouldn’t you trust a family member or friend to do this?

As a wedding professional with well over 10 years experience in the industry, I can say with absolutely no lie that I have NEVER seen a family member or friend MC well. Occasionally I experience one that is passable, but mostly they are terrible.

I’m not trying to pull down non-professionals, but the issue is that they, nor the couple asking them to do the job of MC actually understand what an MC is truly responsible for.

A good MC will help plan the run sheet prior to the event.
They will call and speak to all the other vendors prior to the day to introduce themselves.
They will offer assistance to those making speeches to help them in correct microphone use and speech craft.
They will work with all other vendors on the day to ensure things run smoothly.
They will ensure the run sheet is followed on the night and be responsible for making any changes on the fly to keep things running smoothly.
They will be excellent public speakers.
They will have extensive time management and event planning skills.

The MC is not just someone to introduce speeches.

The MC is the glue that holds the entire reception together and ultimately is the person responsible for it being successful and the blame if it doesn’t run well.

If you have me as your celebrant, what better way to transition and keep the day running smoothly than to have me also as your Master of Ceremonies. People have already got to know me over your ceremony, so having that familiarity is the perfect choice to continue with the rest of your wedding.

My MC background …

I am proud to have won the MC of the Year award for 2020 for the state of Queensland.
I am currently the president of an international Toastmasters group for MCs and DJs only.
I am the founder of the MC Guild.
I am a certified MC graduate from the MarBecca method.

I have honed my skills as a professional MC for many years and would love to be considered as the MC for your wedding reception.


Nik Reeds

Nik Reeds
Master of Ceremonies

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