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Planning is Key to a Great Wedding Ceremony

How do you make a wedding ceremony awesome?

You plan for it to be awesome.  That’s how.

Hiring the right people around you to help you to create an amazing ceremony is of course a very important part, but those people should also be able to provide you with the tools to co-create with them an amazing ceremony that reflects you.

There are many options and choices for the right celebrant for your day, but when you are looking for the right person, ask them how they help to create the right ceremony for you.  Some celebrants will work of a script that they may re-use many times (nothing wrong with that of course), whilst others carefully tailor and craft a unique ceremony for each and every couple (that’s great too).  Still others will provide something between the two.  A skeleton framework but sprinkle in a lot of “you” into it (a fantastic way of doing it!).

Ask your celebrant what planning tools you will have access to (if any).  Some leave you pretty much to sort things out for yourself and they do their bit and leave you to do yours.  Others will give you access to online planning tools to provide some details to ensure everything you want is included.

So how do I work?

It depends on the couple.

I can do the simple script option if that is all the couple want.  (Some couples don’t want to go to all the effort of creating too many elements of their ceremony and happy with tried and tested scripts).  Others want to have their ceremonies much more tailored.  I provide an online planner which you can use as much (or as little) as you wish.

Everything you enter into your own online planning portal (which only you and I can see), is saved so you can come back to it whenever you like.


Nik Reeds
Civil Marriage Celebrant

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Nik Reeds - Civil Marriage Celebrant
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