Nik Reeds - Civil Marriage Celebrant

Brisbane Marriage Celebrant

Brisbane Wedding Celebrant

If you are looking for a Brisbane marriage celebrant, please consider me! Nik Reeds is a professional Brisbane Wedding Celebrant & Master of Ceremonies.

I love providing my services to the Brisbane area. There are so many great venues and locations for ceremonies in our beautiful state capital. Brisbane has some of the best outdoor park spaces in the country as well as providing a vast range of indoor options to suit every style and budget.

I live just down the road on the Gold Coast, but more than happy to head to Brisbane for not only weddings, but to meet couples to chat about their vision for their day as well. You can find out more about my services by heading back to my home page, and also fill in the chat form for more information and a price list to be emailed to you.

It’s YOUR special day.
Let me make it PERFECT for you!

Brisabne Wedding Destination

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding destination, Brisbane offers a picturesque setting that captures the hearts of countless couples. Amidst the stunning landscapes and vibrant cityscape, Nik Reeds stands out as a premier Brisbane wedding celebrant, ready to create unforgettable moments for your special day.

As an experienced and passionate celebrant, Nik Reeds understands the importance of personalizing each wedding ceremony to reflect the unique love story of every couple. With meticulous attention to detail and a warm, friendly approach, Nik ensures that your wedding day becomes a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime.

Brisbane, with its scenic beauty and diverse venues, provides an idyllic backdrop for weddings. Nik Reeds specializes in curating exceptional ceremonies that capture the essence of this incredible city. Whether you envision an intimate gathering in a lush garden or a grand celebration in an elegant ballroom, Nik’s expertise will guide you through the process of creating a wedding that exceeds your expectations.

Nik Reeds’ commitment to crafting meaningful ceremonies extends beyond the wedding day itself. With a thorough understanding of legal requirements and personalized rituals, Nik ensures that your ceremony reflects your values and beliefs. From writing heartfelt vows to incorporating cultural traditions, Nik’s dedication to creating a ceremony that resonates with you and your partner is evident in every aspect of the planning process.

As a renowned Brisbane marriage celebrant, Nik Reeds is well-versed in the city’s wedding venues, vendors, and local customs. Their extensive network and knowledge of the area enable them to provide invaluable recommendations, helping you choose the perfect location, florist, photographer, and more. With Nik’s guidance, you can navigate the intricacies of planning a wedding with ease, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones.

Whether you’re a Brisbane local or considering a destination wedding in this breathtaking city, Nik Reeds is your go-to celebrant for creating a truly memorable and personalized ceremony. Their passion, professionalism, and ability to capture the essence of your love story make them an exceptional choice for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding experience in Brisbane.

Trust Nik Reeds to bring your dream wedding to life in the enchanting city of Brisbane. Book a consultation today and embark on a journey to create a ceremony that reflects your love and celebrates your unique connection.

So How Does the Process Go?

Send me a request for my price list and I will email you my current prices.

Once you receive it, you have the chance to decide if I fit yoru budget or not.  If I am in your budget, simply email me back and we will arrange a time to chat.

I always prefer meeting in person (for your benefit), because you can always get a much better feeling for a person when it is in person. If meeting in person isn’t possible, we can always do a Zoom meeting.

Do We Have to Meet?

Yes. We have to meet. Why?
Well, why WOULDN’T you want to meet the person that is potentially going to be playing such an important part of your day?
Without a celebrant, there IS no marriage, therefore there is no wedding!

Taking the time to meet a few celebrants is so important so that you can find the one that (not only fits your budget), but more importantly fits your style.  Someone that you feel comfortable with in their level of confidence, professionalism but also the feeling that they are your sort of person.  That they “get” you.

I would be honored to be considered on your short list as your Toowoomba celebrant for your wedding day!

More Than Just a Celebrant!

I am also proud to say that I am the winner of the best Master of Cermonies in Queensland for the year 2020! 

So I am more than just a celebrant, I am also very capable of being your MC to help plan, implement and run your wedding reception to go smoothly and without any issues.

At the time of writing this (2022) I am also the president of the international DJ & MC Toastmasters group as well as the founder of the MC Guild.

I have studied under, and certified under Mark Ferrel from the United States as a Master of Ceremonies.